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Sgt Herbert Mason Mitchell on You Tube


Sgt John Herbert Mason Mitchell was taken prisoner in Norway with the 1/5th Bn after volunteering to man a machine gun position as a rear guard action and incurred shrapnel wounds and was repatriated through Sweden prior to the war ending.
What is remarkable is the Pathe News footage that records an interview with him 2.43 minutes into it. The ex-POWs were ordered not disclose their home towns, the result unfolds during the interview. Notwithstanding the interview the footage is an interesting and nostalgic piece of social history in its own right. Note the Tiger cap-badge and image of Sgt Mitchell on his web-page for authenticity:
One further piece of irony is that the soldier's son-in-law, Lcpl William Arthur Capehurst was taken prisoner in Italy and also was sent to Stalag 383 where he took over the same bed space vacated by his father-in-law.
Pathe News item:

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